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Ms Access Guru

Expert Training

Learn from a master

Ms Access Guru crystal (strive4peace)

Do you want to learn from someone who is knowledgeable? ... and learn while your project is built? Hi, I am crystal. Maybe I can help you.

Tutoring and Team-Development

Are you looking for someone to open your database, spreadsheet and, whatever files you have ... and work along with you?

I connect to you ... and we build what you need together. You and I become a team -- you with business knowledge and me with automation skills. Most of my current training is one-on-one while your application is being built, or your video is being done, or your book being made ready for print, or ...

I share many tools, produce videos, write articles, and answer questions on forums. Hopefully you are here because you have seen some of my work and want to learn while you roll up your sleeves and take the reins.

Group Training

I teach to groups remotely as well, upon occasion; if there is a way for the participants to interact during the training. Inspired delivery needs good communication, positive feedback, and time to prepare. With groups, there is an outline, and sometimes step-by-step curricula too. I've spent lots of days teaching in classrooms, where I had opportunity to be face-to-face and get infused with ideas about what could be done with new knowledge. Ideas from others was, and still is, important. Applying new knowledge to tasks at hand brings questions; I want to hear them, and answer them ... or at least give direction. Although training is remote, it can still be personal.

Lunch -n- Learn

Do you want an interesting presentation for a lunch-n-learn at your company? With time afterward for Q&A (questions and answers), for those who want to stay?

Community Presentations

Are you part of a user group, organization, or club where folks are gathering to freely share knowledge? Do you have access to a conference room with ability to receive a remote presentation? There are a number of topics I can share about.

Development Experience

These are some of the projects I have helped others to build.