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Video Caption Tool
that runs in Microsoft Access
Free Captioning Tool for Videos
Help those who are deaf, hard of hearing, and whose native language not English.
Increase comprehension by enabling viewers to see your spoken words.

Generate Caption Files for Videos

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Video Caption Database in Microsoft Access


Thank you

Download Crystal's Access database application to create CAPTION files for videos
(240K, unzips to 1 mb Access database in 2007 format)  

If you are using Camtasia to create videos, here is a good reference:
Crystal's Help Page for Camtasia

The captioning tools uses an ADODB.Stream to write files so that foreign characters and unicode is supported.

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Use the Captioning Tool to:

  • Read text file with your script
  • Time-code captions
  • Edit and Adjust
  • Generate Caption File

The Captioning Tool may only be used freely -- you may not modify it and sell it.
You may include it in applications you develop for clients provided you pass on the download link.
Please share your modifications so others can benefit. Thanks!

It is my hope that you will use this tool and add caption files to be played with your videos so that more people can get more benefit.

Send comments to info AT msAccessGurus

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Video Tutorial

CLICK the ARROW in the middle of each image to watch the videos

Thanks To

  • Tony Jollens (former Word MVP) for help with the ADO Stream code
  • and the numerous people who have taken time to email me
    with appreciation for the time I spend captioning.

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for information on programming and training, email: info AT msaccessgurus.com  

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